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AS “Latvijas Gāze” statement of changes in the Council of AS “Latvijas Gāze”
Emitents Latvijas gāze, AS (097900BGMO0000055872)
Veids 2.2. Iekšējā informācija
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Datums 2023-11-24 16:01:20
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AS “Latvijas Gāze” statement of changes in the Council of AS “Latvijas Gāze”

On November 24, 2023, AS “Latvijas Gāze” received statements of resignation by Council members N. Merigo Cook, H.-P. Floren and Ē. Atvars due to the successful completion of the transaction whereby the Luxembourg investment fund “Marguerite Gas II S.À.R.L” (hereinafter – Marguerite) sold its 28.97% of the Company’s shares to SIA “Energy Investments” (hereinafter – Energy Investments) as part of a management buy-out.

For several years, N. Merigo Cook, H.-P. Floren and Ē. Atvars have been Council members at AS “Latvijas Gāze”, representing the interests of Marguerite and overseeing the Company’s work. N. Merigo Cook, H.-P. Floren and Ē. Atvars have contributed greatly to the Company through involvement in the adoption and implementation of strategic decisions amid challenging market circumstances in light of the opening of the natural gas market, first separating the unified natural gas transmission and storage operator “Conexus Baltic Grid”, and later the natural gas distribution system operator “Gaso” as a subsidiary which recently found a new strategic shareholder – the Estonian “Eesti Gaas”.

Chairman of the Board Aigars Kalvītis said: „We thank N. Merigo Cook, H.-P. Floren and Ē. Atvars for their significant contribution to the development of AS “Latvijas Gāze” over the time worked together and wish them success in their further professional career and growth.”

The Council of AS “Latvijas Gāze” will continue in a reduced composition until further decision by the shareholders and the said changes in the Council of AS “Latvijas Gāze” will not affect the decision-making process in the day-to-day work of AS “Latvijas Gāze”, as the Council will have the quorum required under the articles of association of AS “Latvijas Gāze”.

On behalf of the Board
of AS “Latvijas Gāze”

Aigars Kalvītis


About AS “Latvijas Gāze” 

Founded in 1991, AS “Latvijas Gāze” is one of the leaders of the Baltic energy sector and provides the wholesale and sale of natural gas to business customers in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Finland. In the household segment, AS “Latvijas Gāze” is the largest and most prominent natural gas trader in Latvia.The company has been listed on the NASDAQ Riga stock exchange since February 15, 1999 – a proof of high standards in terms of transparent governance, responsibility, and care for its customers, investors, and the society as a whole.

Additional information:

Sandra Joksta


phone: + 371 67 374 369


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